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Route Details: Pro-strength C2C

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  • Day: Sunday
    Start/finish: Biarritz - Montory
    Distance: 145.5km
    Elevation Gain: 2745m
    "A picturesque first day, taking in a selection of moderate Cat 2, 3 and 4 climbs, notably St Ignace (4), Otxondo (2), Ispeguy (3) & Osquich (3)."
    route map for Biarritz - Montory

    Key climbs of the day

    • Ignace 3km@4.8%
    • Otxondo 9km@5.1%
    • Ispeguy 6km@5.1%
    • Osquich 4km@5.8%
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7422850
  • Day: Monday
    Start/finish: Montory - Luz Saint Sauveur
    Distance: 149.3km
    Elevation Gain: 5239m
    "A very demanding ride. Marie Blanque saps your legs with its steep gradients early on, then Aubisque is an attritional 17km. Whilst there is then around 40km of 'recovery', the final ascent to Luz Ardiden is a real tester."
    route map for Montory - Luz Saint Sauveur

    Key climbs of the day

    • Marie Blanque 9km@7.7%
    • Aubisque 17km@6.9%
    • Luz Ardiden 13km@7.5%
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7423447
  • Day: Tuesday
    Start/finish: Luz Saint Sauveur - Bagnères de Luchon
    Distance: 94.1km
    Elevation Gain: 3656m
    "'The Big One' with Tourmalet, Aspin & Peyresourde following in rapid succession. Approximately five flat kilometres in the 95km to be ridden."
    route map for Luz Saint Sauveur - Bagnères de Luchon

    Key climbs of the day

    • Tourmalet 19km@7.5%
    • Aspin 13km@5%
    • Peyresourde 9km@7.3%
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7423164
  • Day: Wednesday
    Start/finish: Bagnères de Luchon - Foix
    Distance: 134.1km
    Elevation Gain: 2948m
    "Useful warm-up rolling out of Luchon ahead of two shorter, steeper climbs (Menté and Portet d'Aspet). Then a well-placed recovery section before tackling Crouzette & Sommet de Portel in the afternoon."
    route map for Bagnères de Luchon - Foix

    Key climbs of the day

    • Menté 9km@8.9%
    • Portet d'Aspet 5km@10%
    • Crouzette 11km@6.1%
    • Portel 4km@5.8%
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7424874
  • Day: Thursday
    Start/finish: Foix - Prades
    Distance: 144.2km
    Elevation Gain: 4097m
    "A 'big day out' with six named cols and a seventh 'cote'. Port de Pailhères represents the biggest challenge and the descent off the Jau makes for an enjoyable finalé to the ride."
    route map for Foix - Prades

    Key climbs of the day

    • Corniches 4km@7.7%
    • Marmare 12km@4.4%
    • Pailhères 15km@7%
    • Jau 18km@5.8%
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7424924
  • Day: Friday
    Start/finish: Prades - Argelès sur Mer
    Distance: 67.9km
    Elevation Gain: 498m
    "A gentle, often tail-wind assisted cruise to the Mediterranean. Well earned respite after the previous five days' climbing."
    route map for Prades - Argelès sur Mer
    Download the route to your Garmin from https://www.strava.com/routes/7423032